Sickle Cell Foundation of Palm Beach County & Treasure Coast is grateful for the support we get in our community. We have many partners and funders, including the following:
The agency supports our Community Voice program, which is a grassroots initiative designed to teach residents about issues related to black infant mortality. During the five-week session, the curriculum covers topics such as prenatal care, domestic violence, nutrition and parenting. After the five-week session, participants graduate and are deemed Lay Health Advisors for the program. As advisors, they spend the next six months discussing the program in the community at churches, barbershops, beauty salons and other places.

This agency supports our Communities Saving Our Babies program (CSOB). CSOB is for residents from targeted communities with the highest black infant mortality rates In Martin County. Residents attend a series of classes to improve birth and health outcomes. Class members may be a variety of ages, teens to seniors. Each group of 8-12 people attends 4 two-hour classes covering 5 major areas: prenatal care, safe sleep, breastfeeding, domestic violence, and the benefits of father/male involvement.

The agency supports our community outreach educational programs that are provided to the general public and health professionals at schools, community clinics, and other community locations in Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie Counties. Presentations address sickle cell trait, and sickle cell disease in pediatric and adult population.
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The organization supports our other programs and initiatives.
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