Lay Health Advisors

Our Lay Health Advisors are part of our Community Voice program, which is a grassroots initiative designed to teach residents about issues related to black infant mortality.
The program, which is funded through a grant from the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County, focuses on recruiting groups of five to 10 people to meet over a five-week period to learn about black infant mortality and ways to improve birth outcomes. During the five-week session, the curriculum covers topics such as prenatal care, domestic violence, nutrition and parenting.
After the five-week session, participants graduate and are deemed Lay Health Advisors for the program. The advisors spend the next six months discussing the program in the community at churches, barbershops, beauty salons and other places frequented by their friends and neighbors. Their mission is to recruit their friends and neighbors to participate in the Community Voice program and help stop black babies from dying.
Interested in becoming a Lay Health Advisor? Call us at (561) 833.3113.